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Why should I work with a production team of two people as opposed to one?

As a team of two, we are able to combine their talents, interests, and skills that lie in different, complementary areas into a more well-rounded production team than someone who works alone. Individually we know music creation and production well, but when we work together we are able to lean on each others' strengths to make up for their own weaknesses. We aren't strangers to fun, either, and know how to keep a session enjoyable and creatively stimulating.

I have some song ideas and want to record, but have never done this before. Can you help?

Of course! PCM greatly values the music creation process, so we are willing and able to help you through any part, big or small. As detailed in the flow chart on our homepage, we can start at any part of the process and take you as far as you want to go, up to a release-ready master. We have experience working through this process with both novices and veterans, so we can certainly cater to your specific, individual needs!

I already have a producer. Can PCM help me with just the engineering side of things?

Yes! PCM can help you with any one part of the music production process, even if you're already having the rest done elsewhere. Just tell us where you need our help and we'll fit right in with what's already being done.

I already have an engineer. Can PCM help me with just the producing side of things?

Yes! Just as we can help with situations in which you only need engineering (see the above question), we can also provide producing-only services.