Past Artists

He may be one of the members of PCM but he's also the first artist to record with People Craft Music. He's released one EP and one single and looks forward to releasing his first full album in the future.

Anthony Milan

Matt Sperrazza is an artist influenced by Andy Grammer, Jon Bellion, and Billy Joel. His music incorporates an acoustic presence into a modern pop sound.

Matt Sperrazza


Sarah Espen is an indie folk singer-songwriter. Espen released her debut EP "Out the Window" in November 2018.

Sarah Espen

Maarten is a solo pop-electronic artist, currently based out of Nashville, who debuted his first single "Piece of Me" in April 2019. His primary vision for his artistry is to craft songs that offer real, honest, and unfiltered perspectives; influencing artists include Chelsea Cutler, Jeremy Zucker, Troye Sivan, and Lauv.